New car park in operation - hospital parking for the university hospital in Jena-Lobeda (Thuringia)  

Since May 2016 the car park planned by GIVT mbH with 1,300 parking spaces for patients, visitors and employees of the university clinic was put into operation. On five levels user friendly parking spaces, 2.50 meter wide, column-free in diagonal layout, welcome the users. Four entry lanes, three exit lanes and two spiral ramps  ensure the necessary performance.

The car park received the ESPA Gold Award from the European Parking Association during the opening ceremony.

CONTIPARK has built the 13 million object in a 15-month construction period and will be the future operator. DIP Deutsche Industrie- und Parkhausbau was commissioned with the construction work.  


Second edition Construction and Design Manual Parking Structures


The second edition of the compendium published by the Berlin architectural publishing house DOM publishers, which has been published in English, Turkish and Chinese, is currently in preparation. Expectedly spring 2018, an updated version of the manual will appear with many new aspects and examples.


Dr. Irmscher, founder of GIVT mbH, shows here in detail how to build user friendly car parks. 

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Planning and consultancy for parking, car parks and automated parking systems.


Traffic Development Planning


Germany, Berlin
City District Pankow von Berlin

Noise emission expertise / exhaust emission expertise


Planning of Traffic Connections


Germany, Berlin
Bayer Schering Pharma AG

Parkhaus Berlin, Müllerstraße
(ca. 630 Stellplätze)

Survey oft he traffic connection

Germany, Hanover
Shopping Center Raschplatz

Traffic survey and traffic connection of the central bus station

Germany, Berlin
District Department Tempelhof-Schöneberg von Berlin (2003)

Traffic expertise / traffic connection for the former gas plant Mariendorf

Germany, Berlin
HELIOS Kliniken GmbH Fulda

Traffic expertise in the course of the new construction and reconstruction of the clinic

Germany, Berlin
Regional-Haubau GmbH Berlin

Spree-Karree Friedrichstraße

Expertise for the traffic connection of the underground car park (ca. 240 parking spaces)

Germany, Berlin

Building centre

Traffic planning / traffic surveys / noise emission expertise (320 parking spaces)


Traffic Planning for Parking Facilities


Germany, Düsseldorf
(2011 - 2012)

Amendment of the traffic concepts of the University Hospital Düsseldorf

1800 parking spaces

Germany, Saxony
Paunsdorf Center Leipzig

Shopping center
Planning and design of the traffic connection and the parking facilities / Optimization
(ca. 7.300 parking spaces)

Germany, Berlin
District Department Tempelhof-Schöneberg von Berlin (2001)

Traffic expertise / traffic connection for the monument “Gasometer”

ERGO Columbia GbR, Berlin
(2003 - 2005)

Traffic connection / Conceptional planning of a car park